Many people think that antioxidants and vitamins are two different things, but there is some overlap between them. One of these is Vitamin E (also known as tocopherol); it’s a vitamin that can also help prevent oxidative damage and fight off the signs of aging. This makes it one of the most important nutrients to include in your daily diet.

But that’s not all Vitamin E is capable of; it is very versatile, and has loads of benefits for your health and wellness. No matter your age or gender, you will find that this vitamin is something that you cannot do without.

Here’s a list of reasons why Vitamin E is a nutritional superstar.

  1. Fights free radicals – Free radicals are molecules that damage and break down the healthy cells in your body, resulting in many harmful effects. Like we mentioned before, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant; this means it naturally fights free radicals and reduce their impact on your body. It slows aging in your cells, helps in managing inflammation, and may even prevent health issues like heart disease or common illnesses.
  1. Repairs damaged skin – Vitamin E strengthens the capillary walls and improves both moisture and elasticity. This results in healthy, attractive skin that glows with youth. The antioxidant properties also shield your skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun and environmental pollutants such as cigarette smoke. Some studies suggest that a diet rich in Vitamin E may also reduce scars, acne, and wrinkles.
  1. Alleviates fatigue – Many people who take Vitamin E supplements say that they experience a noticeable increase in energy after a few weeks. Boost energy levels and feel better throughout the entire day! Taking Vitamin E can have a noticeable effect on your physical endurance and muscular strength too, allowing you to exercise more without tiring.
  1. Supports immune system – Cellular immunity gets weaker as a person ages, making them more vulnerable to infections and a host of other health problems. Antioxidants however have great benefits for the immune system – they strengthen immune response and functions, helping to keep you in great shape. By fighting free radicals, antioxidants like Vitamin E give your immunity a potent boost.
  1. Promotes hair growth – Ever wondered why so many shampoos and hair care products contain Vitamin E? It’s because this vitamin can also support hair growth and make your locks thicker, stronger, and longer. It can even make your hair shinier and prevent premature graying, so it’s perfect if your goal is to look younger and more beautiful. You will be amazed at how much more vibrant your hair looks.
  1. Helps PMS symptoms – Do you get really bad cramps when it’s that time of the month? Many women who take Vitamin E supplements or eat vitamin E rich foods experience less PMS symptoms. They say that it has helped reduce cravings, anxiety, cramping, and overall pain severity. This is because Vitamin E can help in balancing hormones and keeping your menstrual cycle regulated.
  1. Balances cholesterol levels – Vitamin E can also reduce bad cholesterol levels, which is one way it supports cardiovascular health. Certain isomers of this vitamin have been shown to reduce cholesterol oxidation, which means it can help prevent the risk factors of heart disease. One clinical trial even showed a nearly 50% reduction in heart attacks among those who took daily Vitamin E supplements.
  1. Maintains vision – Don’t let your eyesight get blurry as you age! One of the best benefits of Vitamin E is that it can help fight macular degeneration (the technical term for worsening eyesight), which is one of the leading causes of blindness. When combined with Vitamin A, C, beta-carotene, and Zinc, you’ll have the perfect nutritional blend to keep your vision sharp and clear. It may even promote better healing after undergoing laser eye surgery.
  1. Fights cognitive decline – Some research indicates that regular Vitamin E intake may be instrumental in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. This nutrient can slow down memory loss and preserve mental performance. Even people who have already developed Alzheimer’s disease may benefit however; studies show that Vitamin E can help people with neurological disorders maintain independence and function.
  1. Helps infant development – Good news for expectant mothers – Vitamin E has also been shown to be very important during pregnancy, as it plays a role in the proper development in infants. This is because it protects critical fatty acids and may help in controlling inflammation. Research suggests that Vitamin E is especially important for promoting good brain development, so pregnant mothers are advised to eat Vitamin E rich foods. Of course, it is important to consult a doctor first before making any significant diet changes.

Take your Vitamin E! Some of the healthiest food sources are mangoes, spinach, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, broccoli, and almonds. You can also opt for a Vitamin E supplement if you think that you’re not getting enough.

Vitamin E deficiency can be difficult to spot at times. Here are some common symptoms.

  • Weak immune response – Do you tend to get sick very easily or stay sick longer than normal? Even if it’s usually just a slight cold, this is still something you have to pay attention to.
  • Impaired vision – As we mentioned earlier, Vitamin E is critical for maintaining good eyesight. If you feel that your vision has been steadily worsening over the past years, then low levels of Vitamin E may be the cause.
  • Loss of muscle – Muscle loss and muscle weakness can also be attributed to this deficiency. Free radicals can attack lean tissue, resulting in lower physical strength and decreased size.
  • Cognitive problems – Poor memory, lack of focus, and uncommonly high stress levels may all be linked to Vitamin E deficiency. This nutrient is essential for keeping your mind in tip top shape.
  • Poor digestion – Finally, one more common sign of inadequate Vitamin E is regular digestive problems. If your gut hasn’t been doing a very good job recently, then up your intake of Vitamin E and see if it helps.
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