When you’re dedicated to your job, it’s possible that you might get too caught up in all that you do to actually take care of your physical well-being. When you’re too busy thinking about the upcoming performance reviews, quarterly reports, and competing for that incentive, it might get difficult to squeeze in that workout.

The good news is, there are ways to stay healthy even when you’re crazy busy – you just have to remind yourself to take a few minutes to apply these tips to your daily grind.

Start easy – take stretch breaks! When you’re sitting still at your desk for too long, it can affect your posture. Not only does stretching refresh your body by giving you that break from sitting still for so long, it also improves your flexibility!

Remember that sitting for hours on end can affect the curve of your spine. When you start to feel like your lower back feels tight or that your shoulders are starting to hunch upward towards your ears, get up and stretch.

You can do this by stretching in the hallway to and from your way to the bathroom or after your lunch break. Try to do this after every hour or two until the habit sticks.

Next, stop eating from the vending machine. Your options are extremely limited to salty snacks or sugary treats, and these will only serve to further drain you of your energy. How? While these foods are definitely going to give you that sugar rush you need to pass that report by noon, the lows are just as bad.

By the time you’re onto your next task, you’ll start to feel sleepy and tired again, and you’ll find yourself reaching for another energy bar that’s packed with too much sugar for it to actually be good for you.

Keep your energy levels stable by packing your snacks and your lunch – we’re talking about whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables. A handful of almonds can also be good for you, as well as a banana or pairing an apple with a cheese stick.

Next on the list is to stay hydrated. You may not realize it, but water does play an important role in helping you stay alert throughout the day, which can, of course, contribute to your productivity and level-headedness at work.

Instead of coffee, try two weeks going on just water and see how it affects your performance. The bonus is that water has no calories, so you don’t even have to worry about drinking too much of it.

There’s also the matter of stress management. If you have a tendency to overthink or lash out whenever things get a little too heated, then it’s important that you find a way to manage this. Sometimes we get too busy panicking over the situation that it can actually slow you down instead of motivating you to get things done faster.

Practice meditation at work or take yoga classes if your schedule isn’t too tight. Work-life balance is important! Take the occasional spa day, read a book, or spend time with your family and friends.

When you leave the office, leave the work behind. This means no checking your emails the minute you walk through your front door and no answering messages from your co-workers! While you’re at it, don’t check your phone or your computer at all.

The home is where you’re supposed to rest, so maximize it by staying away from any cell phone or computer screens. Remember that you already spent eight hours at work staring at a screen, don’t do that at home too – instead, converse with your family, cuddle with your pets, or hit the gym!

Do you have a go-to method for keeping healthy at work? Share it with us!