If you’ve always been a firm believer that the solution to most health problems lies with nature and all the amazing things it has to offer, then you’re no stranger to apple cider vinegar.

On our blog, we covered the general aspects of what ACV can and can’t offer our health, and we also told you about the latest weight loss combination of ACV pills and garcinia cambogia supplements.

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It comes from fermented apple cider, which is made out of freshly juiced and pressed apples. This two-step fermentation can take up to several weeks. Yeast is often added to the mixture to speed up the processes, which causes the sugars found in the cider to transform into alcohol (you’ve probably tried a can or two of Magners Irish Cider).

The end product can be alcohol, but if you keep going past this stage then acetic acid bacteria will take over the mixture and turn the alcohol (or cider, however you wanna call it) into acetic acid, the main component of vinegar.

Now, you might have heard that the best ACV variant is the one with the “mother.” This is basically the layer of yeast and acetic acid that form together to form a goo, and it’s this goo that contains all the important protein molecules and enzymes that give apple cider vinegar its endless benefits.

Among these nutrients are calcium, iron, and potassium. There are so many more, but we’ll get to that another time. Let’s focus on what you clicked on this article for: how does apple cider vinegar work for people who suffer from gout?

Now, let’s recap on how gout develops. Our DNA is broken down into amino acids, some of which are called purines, which is naturally found in human tissue and other foods.

When these purines are broken down, they also produce uric acid that it carried through the bloodstream before being filtered by the kidneys.

After this step, it’s turned into a waste by-product that the body eliminates through urination. Problems arise when the kidneys are incapable of naturally getting rid of uric acid, or if the body simply produces too much of it that it can’t cope.

So what happens? These instead settle in our kidneys and turn to stones, and later on settle in the joints, which we now know as a form of arthritis called gout.

Now, we’ve got the ACV basics down and we know how gout is formed. So how does apple cider vinegar work to get rid of gout — or at the very least, minimize its effects?

When you take apple cider vinegar, the acetic acid turns the alkaline in the body to balance your body’s pH levels. Basically, it creates an environment in which bad bacteria and harmful toxins can’t thrive, including gout.

Taking apple cider vinegar will break apart the crystals formed by uric acid, and prevent it from reforming around your joints and tissues. This is because ACV will shift the alkaline levels in your body. Fair warning though, as you might initially notice the symptoms actually increase.

If it’s so effective, why will this happen? You might have heard the phrase it gets better before it gets worse before. The concept applies when you’re introducing a new product in your skincare routine — what it does is basically purge your skin to make room for a better regimen.

In this case, when apple cider vinegar starts to work on your body, it’s going to cause the uric acid to try to fight back and reform as ACV starts attacking the crystals. It’s important to note that this will go away in a matter of time, though, and it’s definitely not an excuse to quit ACV on the first day!

If you’re ready to see its effect on yourself, here’s how:

Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a cup of water, and drink the mixture twice a day, every day. For most people who can’t stand the taste and pungent smell of apple cider vinegar, capsules and tablets go a long way! As long as you follow the instructions on the bottle, of course.

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