If you’re a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast, chances are you’re always looking for good deals online, signing up for one too many newsletters to get that 20% off coupon, and waiting for mid-year sales to drop.

If you haven’t heard of subscription boxes before, then you’re missing out! There are so many beauty boxes that retail for only $10, and you get your money’s worth with sample sizes of the most raved about skincare, makeup, and bath products! Here are some of the best and most affordable subscription boxes we found.

Birchbox, $10

This box offers products from both popular brands to up-and-coming ones. You can get a box that’s specifically suited to your beauty needs, and they’ll curate it for you. If you decide you want to buy the full-sized product, just let them know and they’ll include it in next month’s box.

Mask Box, $9.99

Great skin starts with a skincare routine that addresses your needs. Korean brands and products have gained a reputation in the Western world for the slew of benefits that their products have, so it’s no wonder a subscription box for Korean face mask now exists.

Mask Box gives you the premium sheet masks of your dreams, so sit back, tie your hair, and spare 10 to 20 minutes of your time to reveal a softer, more supple skin after!

LipService, $5,95

I’ll be the first to admit that I need more than one lip balm – mostly because I always seem to lose it, and second because I need a tinted lip balm and a plain one. There’s also the exception I make for flavored ones, because really, who doesn’t appreciate those?

The cool thing about Lip Service, apart from the name, is that they send you a new lip balm to try every month, plus other goodies like scented candles, oils, face masks, or a new makeup pouch. It’s also the cheapest one on the list, so really, what’s not to like?

Ipsy, $10

This is probably one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes on the market, mostly because most of our favorite beauty bloggers and YouTubers are subscribed to their service. Ipsy bags contain both full and sample-size products that are always a mix of skincare and makeup products.

Play! By Sephora, $10

Yes, they’re in on it! Sephora’s Play! Box includes five different makeup, skincare, and haircare samples that come with pouches, and booklets that give you advice on how to maximize each product in your box.

Sisley Paris, $10

You read it right! The luxury brand gives away five sample sizes of their face and body products every month! If you want to feel a little bougie and be able to say you’ve tried a lot of products from such a good brand, then you definitely have to subscribe to this box.

Target Beauty Box, $7

It’s not technically a subscription box, but we figured it was worth mentioning anyway. These beauty boxes sell our fast, and contain makeup and skincare products from lipsticks, face masks, to mascaras, and other options that cater to men.

Guzel, $10

You’re in for a steal and a teat with Guzel’s beauty box. They include familiar and on-the-rise brands, and the products in each box range from style pieces, home decoration pieces, to skincare and makeup products. They also feature cruelty-free brands, include at least three full-sized products in each box, and you get one additional full-sized item on your birthday!


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