lemon water benefits

If you’re trying to cut back on calories, then you’ve probably tried to limit your intake through your beverage – whether it’s by drinking Coke Zero, Diet Snapple, Hint Essence Water, or cutting sugar out of your coffee – and saw poor results.

By now you’ve probably heard about lemon water. It’s packed with Vitamin C, gives you a youthful glow from within, keeps your digestive system functioning at peak condition, it’s inexpensive to make, and it has zero calories.

If you’ve been in on the secret, then you’re probably already familiar with the benefits listed above. So here are 10 new things we wanna share with you!

  1. Is Gatorade still your go-to post-workout drink? Save yourself the money! Create your own energy drink by mixing together lemon, lime, water, and sea salt. Lemon is also abundant in electrolytes, and another way to turn it into an energy drink is to mix it with water, apple, and celery. You might be asking why lemon works as a substitute. After we work out, our bodies get acidic, and lemon acts as a great neutralizer for high acidity.
  2. Lemon is rich in potassium, which is an essential component in making sure there’s sufficient oxygen in our brain.
  3. It’s rich in copper. You might not have heard of this tidbit before, but you should. It sounds weird. Copper? It probably brings to mind coils, electrical wirings, and whatnot. But it is a mineral, copper allows the body to absorb more collagen and boost your skin’s health. It also plays a role in energy production!
  4. If you smoke, drink alcohol, or love spicy food, it might be a good idea to start drinking lemon water! Acidic fruits like lemon help get rid of bad breath because the acidic environment in your mouth will make it difficult for bacteria to form and multiply!
  5. It’s rich in vitamins A and C, which contribute to a healthy eyesight and protects your body from cataracts and macular degeneration.
  6. Dr. Ronald Hoffman, in an article about kidney stone prevention, mentioned that that citrate in lemons prevents the formation one of the most common kidney stones, called oxalate crystals. To maximize its benefits, mix four ounces of lemon juice and two liters of water. Don’t add honey or sugar!
  7. When our bodies are dehydrated, that’s when fatigue and stress levels get aggravated. When this happens, our adrenal glands release Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. It can cause high blood pressure, lack of sleep, and weight gain. Vitamin C keeps the body properly hydrated and keeps this hormone at bay.
  8. Fight free radicals! If you take lemon water regularly, it can supply as much as 70% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C in order for it to fight the free radicals in the body.
  9. It helps in the prevention of scurvy, a disease that stems from vitamin C deficiency.
  10. Lemon water takes care of our lymphatic system! It’s responsible for getting rid of the toxins and waste in our body, so keeping it in peak condition is important. Drinking lemon water helps alkalize the body, which keeps our acidity levels balanced.