Have you been feeling bloated and sluggish lately? Or are your fingers, ankles, and feet swollen? If so, then you may have a bad case of water retention.


Water retention is when excess fluids build up inside your body. This is a common condition that causes some uncomfortable side effects. It often occurs because of several lifestyle factors like poor diet or lack of exercise.


Fortunately, there are ways to naturally relieve water retention. Our blog will walk you through some of the common symptoms of excess fluid retention, and how you can get rid of it.


The Causes and Signs of Water Retention


Water retention usually happens when you consume too  much sodium and refined carbohydrates. Being dehydrated for extended periods can also lead to retention, since your body attempts to store as much water as possible.


In addition, a sedentary lifestyle can also contribute to it. Sitting for too long causes water to leak into the tissues in your lower body. This is why regular physical activity is important when it comes to preventing fluid build up.


So how do you recognize if you have water retention? The signs are very easy to spot. Here are a few common symptoms.


  1. Bloating - Have you been feeling puffy and full of gas lately? Bloating, especially in the abdominal area, is a common symptom of water retention.


  1. Swelling - If your shoes have been feeling too tight, or you can’t even put on your wedding ring, then water retention might be to blame. The stored fluid causes parts of your body to swell.


  1. Fatigue - People suffering from water retention usually have low energy levels. You may feel sluggish or have a hard time doing strenuous physical activities.


How to Lose Water Weight Fast


When trying to relieve water retention, the most important step is to change your diet. You need to consume less sodium and refined carbs. In addition to that, you should also eat foods rich in magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin B6. Don’t forget to stay hydrated too - by making sure that you drink enough water every day, the body is less likely to stockpile an excess amount.


Starting a water detox cleanse will also make a big difference. There are plants like Dandelion which have natural diuretic properties, increasing urination to flush out excess fluids. Taking these plant extracts is a fast and natural way to get rid of water retention quickly.


One type of supplement for water retention relief is Water Away. It contains proven diuretics like Dandelion Leaf and Cranberry, which flush out the built up fluids in your body. If you’re starting a water cleanse, this is the perfect support. Why not try it yourself for free?


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wethomas333@gmail.com · July 8, 2017 at 10:09 pm

I have received a full sized bottle of Water Away from Naturalmuch. After using it for three days, I’m happy to say that I love it. It is gentle but effective. Before Water Away I had one foot that swells (my Elephant Foot). Now I have two normal feet. Thank You!

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