Spring is upon us! Time to tuck away the comfortable sweaters and baggy sweatpants, and trade them for flower crowns and denim shorts. Now, when you think of spring, and the fashion choices that go with it, you’re probably back to thinking about getting rid of the belly fat you acquired over the last few weeks.

So here are some things you can do to quickly lose weight and shed the belly fat immediately. Of course, it’s not easy to target fat on a specific area of the body, but with the right habits, foods, and exercise, you will be able to achieve a flatter tummy and toned abs in no time!

First, don’t be shy to Instagram your meals! The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who practiced “attentive eating” actually tended to eat less on their next meal. This is because they will tend to recall their last meal and being satisfying and will, therefore, feel less hungry. Who knew, right?

You might also benefit from eating off of smaller plates and bowls – you’re basically tricking your brain into thinking that your plate is full. And of course, you’ll be eating less.

But here’s the catch: science encourages you to eat your largest meal at night. Yes, our bodies are conditioned to consume the most amount of calories in the morning in order for us to have enough energy to burn during the day.

But the problem with this is that because most of people’s plans to eat actually occur after office hours and when the sun has set, wherein they will want to eat a hearty meal with their friends and family. So go ahead and indulge in a big dinner instead.

Having a big meal in the morning will only serve to deplete your calories too early, and have you crave for unhealthy bedtime snacks, which is really worse for you! Just remember to offset all that you ate during dinner with a light breakfast and lunch the following day.

Oh, and did we mention you can go ahead have cookies and milk? The sugar and protein combo is ideal, since if you eat just sugary foods, or cookies, alone, then you’re likely to experience a sugar rush that will only leave you feeling hungry or tired.

On the other hand, protein, like milk, will slow down the release of sugar so you don’t suddenly get that uncontrollable high! It’s going to promote the steady release of sugar into the bloodstream and help you feel satiated for a long time. Who knew that cookies and milk combo had more to offer than we originally thought?

Additionally, if you want to feel fuller for a longer time, opt for more fiber, since it slows down the breaking down of your carb calories and helps you maintain steady blood sugar levels. This is why you always see fiber intake frequently mentioned in weight loss tips!

There are also many weight loss supplements in the market that actually target belly fat! One of these is green tea extract. Supposedly, the compounds found in green tea actually targets visceral fat around the belly.

Some weight loss supplements act as appetite suppressants, like white kidney bean, garcinia cambogia, and even by taking apple cider vinegar. You can try these health supplements at special prices when you buy through Naturalmuch – enjoy a $20 rebate or a buy 1, take 2 free offer! Get started today.