If you want to lose weight, you’re not alone. Studies show that only 30% of the American population is actually at a normal, healthy weight, while over a third are overweight and another third are considered obese.

It’s probably important to keep in mind that with so many new restaurants and food concepts cropping up here and there, there’s a greater need to make sure we’re filling our body with the right things.

These foods contain different compounds, preservatives, and chemicals, and it’s getting more difficult to make conventional weight loss methods work. A lot of people are also more focused on taking shortcuts to weight loss, which is why there are now so many products in the market focused on making this journey easy.

One of the top choices for an easy and natural weight loss is weight supplements. And the market doesn’t fall short of laying out its offers. There are many botanicals and herbs on the market that have been scrutinized and studied for years. Among these key weight loss ingredients are forskolin, garcinia cambogia, and conjugated linoleic acid.

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Another one of these weight loss ingredients is raspberry ketones. But what is it?

It’s a chemical compound found in raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries that are responsible for their appealing aroma. When extracted from the fruits, ketones are used to add fragrance and flavor to candies, sodas, and even cosmetic products.

How Effective Are Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss?

Animal studies on rodents show that raspberry ketones can inhibit adiponectin, which is responsible for regulating the body’s mechanism. When this happens, raspberry ketones enable the body to break down cells more efficiently, so fat gets burned faster.

People who are identified as obese and patients with type 2 diabetes often have low levels of adiponectin.

Another study on mice found that raspberry ketones prevented fat formation around the liver and prohibited visceral fat from surrounding other organs. This was a part of the study presented at an Experimental Biology conference.

Mice were given a high-fat diet along with raspberry ketones mixed with ellagic acid, which is another component of berries.

However, it’s important to note that these animal studies administered between 200 to 300 milligrams of raspberry ketones, an incredibly high dosage than what health supplements usually recommend.

There isn’t a human study existing that looks at raspberry ketones alone. Rather, most studies involving this ingredient aims to determine its weight loss effects in conjunction with other weight loss ingredients like garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, and caffeine.

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For example, a study in 2013 published by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition evaluated 70 obese women who agreed to take part in an eight-week weight loss program.

During the experiment, participants underwent daily physical activities, a calorie restricted diet, and taking a supplement that contained raspberry ketones, capsaicin (the element found in chili pepper that gives its distinct heat and can actually spur the body to burn fat), caffeine, and others.

Only 45 of the participants were able to finish the program, but everyone posed a distinct difference in their body fat percentage, body weight, as well as waist and hip girth. Many reported a significant improvement in their energy levels.

A placebo group who was also part of the experiment also posed weight loss, but not as much as those who supplemented with raspberry ketones.

Right now, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly the maximum benefits of raspberry ketones alone as a weight loss aid, but it seems to work well in conjunction with other popular and proven weight loss ingredients.

Apart from its weight loss benefits, studies have also been conducted on its benefits as an anti-aging ingredient.

The journal of Growth Hormone & IGF Research published a 2008 study wherein 15 persons applied raspberry ketones topically. The results showed that it improved skin health, particularly elasticity and hydration, and also promotes hair growth when used regularly for five months.


Generally, raspberry ketones are labeled as generally safe by the Food and Drug Administration when taken by mouth as a product ingredient.

Also, consider that this safety net is only applicable if raspberry ketones are taken short-term. In particular, this means taking a supplement containing raspberry ketones twice a day for eight weeks, at most.

It’s important to remember that considerations taken under this recommendation are positing that raspberry ketones aren’t taken as the sole ingredient of the weight loss supplements. Generally, the safest way to take it is if you are following a proper diet and exercise regimen, and keep in mind that taking supplements alone will not make major weight changes.