Here’s the truth about losing weight: there is really no quick fix to drop those pounds. It takes work. Commitment. Discipline. The optimism that you can achieve your goals and believe in yourself even when everyone around you is betting how long it’s going to take before you crack.

You really have to put in the hours at the gym or at home doing those grueling workouts and feeling your abs and thighs burn. You’re going to have to go through dinners with your friends and resist the urge to go big on the main course and your dessert. Like I said, discipline.

But we know these things aren’t enough – maybe you’re not seeing the results you wanted, maybe you wanna see results at a faster pace. Nevertheless, there’s always been one additional option: weight loss supplements.

One of the most common misconceptions that come with weight loss pills is that people expect to see dramatic results without putting in all the work it takes. Remember they’re supplements. They’re a boost to your regimen, but they’re not the regimen itself. You also need to keep in mind that you need to consult a physician if you’re taking other medication for diabetes and heart disease.

So moving on… here are the weight loss supplements that are listed as the main ingredients of popular weight loss pills like Leanbean, Instant Knockout, and many more.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has the capacity to increase your body’s metabolic rate. This means it can influence how your body burns food and raise the levels of fat oxidation. This will create changes in your body and your metabolism in the long run, meaning your body will recognize that this is the pace it needs to work on. It’s going to become a regular process and you’ll never gain additional weight.

A study in Taiwan has also discovered that people who regularly drank green tea had typically smaller waists and lower body fat composition compared to those who didn’t consume it in any way at all.

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid

You can find it in beef and dairy, but if you need to take those two foods in moderation, supplementing with CLA is your best bet. It works by increasing the body’s basal metabolic rates and stops fat cells from getting larger.

We all know that the body stores the food we eat as sugars and fat, which means if you eat too much without exerting the equivalent amount of energy, these foods will be stored as fat and you gain weight. CLA, on the other hand, makes the body convert food into energy instead of storing it.

It’s going to increase your body’s capacity to break down fat, boost your metabolic rate, and reduce your appetite.

A 2004 study also found that CLA supplements might actually be the closest thing we have to a miracle weight loss pill. Meaning that you can lose weight with just CLA even if you don’t make any changes to your lifestyle or eating habits (we wouldn’t advise this though).

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and headed by Jean-Michel Gaullier, Ph.D., found that the all-women group who participated in taking the supplements every day for a year lost 9% of their body fat. It’s not a huge number, but considering no dietary changes were made, it does render valuable data that researchers can use in the future.

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Green Coffee Bean

Unlike roasted coffee beans that we usually see, green coffee beans have higher levels of antioxidants and weight loss benefits than black, roasted ones. But because brewing these green beans have the potential to diminish or decrease their nutrient content, they are typically taken in pill form.

Green coffee beans have two active compounds, caffeine, and chlorogenic acid. The latter can minimize the amount of fat that forms around the liver and also boost the function of adiponectin, a hormone that burns fat.

It can also reduce the number of carbohydrates that your digestive tract absorbs, which is also beneficial for diabetics because this can lower blood sugar and insulin spikes.

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White Kidney Bean

Here’s how it works: white kidney bean blocks the digestive enzyme called alpha-amylase, which the body needs in order to metabolize starchy carbohydrates. When starchy carbohydrates are broken down, they break down into smaller units called dextrins.

Dextrins are further broken down into glucose. Still with me? We’re almost to the point. The body uses glucose for a number of purposes – it can either be stored in muscle tissue and then the liver as glycogen and serve the body’s source for its energy requirements, or be converted into lipids and stored as body fat.

So what role does white kidney bean play? Because it blocks alpha-amylase, it prevents starch from being broken down in the first place. Instead, it’s going to let the starch pass through your system undigested.

The end game is this: lower blood glucose and insulin levels, and of course, lower storage of body fat. This is how it works to prevent you from gaining weight.

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Raspberry Ketones

There isn’t a human study existing that looks at raspberry ketones alone. Rather, most studies involving this ingredient aims to determine its weight loss effects in conjunction with other weight loss ingredients like garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, and caffeine.

For example, a study in 2013 published by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition evaluated 70 obese women who agreed to take part in an eight-week weight loss program.

During the experiment, participants underwent daily physical activities, a calorie restricted diet, and taking a supplement that contained raspberry ketones, capsaicin (the element found in chili pepper that gives its distinct heat and can actually spur the body to burn fat), caffeine, and others.

Only 45 of the participants were able to finish the program, but everyone posed a distinct difference in their body fat percentage, body weight, as well as waist and hip girth. Many reported a significant improvement in their energy levels.

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